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  • Information on collecting and using personal information

    'KUM RYOUNG' We collect the minimum personal information we need to provide accurate and honest answers to your inquiries. We will notify you about collection and use of personal information as follows.

    1. Purpose of collection: Identification, complaint handling, notification

    2. Personal information collection items

    - Required fields: Name, Email - Optional items: Contact (cell phone)

    3. Retention and use period of personal information

    'KUM RYOUNG'의The period of personal information retention and utilization is as follows.

    - Information on the homepage is kept for the period of operation: Information preserved in accordance with the relevant laws is as follows (Record of dissatisfaction or dispute processing of user is 3 years retention period, and it is in accordance with the law of consumer protection in electronic commerce etc. Record of indication and advertisement is 6 months in retention period, Web site visit records are subject to the three-month retention period and are subject to the Communication Confidentiality Act)

    4. Collection of personal information and denial of consent to use

    - You may refuse to collect and consent to the collection and use of personal information of this service, in which case you will not be able to use this service..