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Goldfill, Goldfill Pro

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Goldfill, Goldfill Pro

Fillers for artificial turf made through mixing nature-friendly materials, such as rice hulls, arrowroots and ocher soil, with patented advanced technology of KUM RYOUNG CO., Ltd.

This product made through mixing natural materials, like rice hulls, arrowroots and ocher soil, provides effects similar to those derived from the earth.
Use environment-friendly materials + recycle by-products [rice hulls, (sludge)]

There are no environment-friendly materials better than this.

Rice Hull

The main component of hulls after removing rice bran is lignin which is a fat-soluble that is a phenolic polymer. Lignin has antioxidant effects and has been used as a material that blocks external sources of heat.

Ocher Soil

  • Emit far infrared radiation
    Prevents aging, promotes blood circulation, gets rid of stress, enhances skin beauty, promotes recovery from chronic fatigue
  • Emit anions
    Improves moods and relaxes the tension of the body
  • Block harmful electromagnetic wave
    Harmful electromagnetic waves can be blocked or absorbed through placing our products near electric home appliances, such as computers and TVs.
  • Antimicrobial Activity
    Reduces house mites and environmental hormones, improves skin health
  • Detoxification Activity
    Neutralizes harmful lipid peroxide leaked in the process of making cement
    Good for controlling moisture and thermal effect

Strong Points of Goldfill, Goldfill Pro

  • Artificial turf grounds without heat and smell (cool & no smell)
  • Safe and innocuous artificial turf grounds (safe and innocuous)
  • Artificial turf grounds preventing burns and injuries (no burn & injury)