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Product Comparison

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Shock Absorptiveness

Division KS Standard Goldfill Pro SEBS Other Eco-Friendly Materials FIFA
Shock absorptivity Over 50 50 72 50.1 60~70
Shock absorptivity after stud abrasion Over 35 38 37 ? X

※ Shock absorptivity after stud abrasion is higher than any other current natural fillers.

Features of Fillers and Comparison

Division EPDM (Rubber Chip) SEBS (Rubber Chip) Natural Chip (Company A) Natural Chip (Goldfill Pro)
Product Photo
Colors Green, Black Green Light Brown Yellow, Green
Features •Temperature rise
•Good elasticity
•Materialize colors using pigments
•Recycled rubber (like SBR, EPDM)
•Harmful materials detected (like heavy metals, VOCs, PAHs)
•Performance lowers when coating is removed
•Chips can be lost while clearing snow.
• Temperature rise
• Good elasticity
•Easy materialization of color
•Irregular bound
•Chips may melt and lump in high temperature.
• Chips can be lost while clearing snow.
•Eco-friendly (zeolite, diatomite)
•Prevent losses
•Lack elasticity
•Hard surface
•Brokenness (cause dust)
• Brokenness (there may be turf cutting)
•Using eco-friendly materials, there is no harmfulness.
•Function to materialize surface temperature and reduce it
•Apply globally patented technology (Korea, U.S.A., Canada, China)
•Shock resistance absorptivity, KS Mark
•Cause no dust
Amount Used 10kg/㎡ 11~12kg/㎡ 10kg/㎡ 9~10kg/㎡

Rubber chip lumping

Summer high temperature burn

Lacking shock absorptivity

Excessive shock absorptivity

Provide Comfortable Grounds

Test Results
1. There is a gap of over 15℃ compared with rubber fillers and a gap of over 13℃ compared with other natural materials.
2. Get rid of the heat island effects in summer

Measurement Time Incubator SEBS Other Natural Materials Goldfill Pro
10 minutes 30.1 27.9 27.9 28.0
70 minutes 81.4 51.7 50.9 45.0
120 minutes 81.6 68.5 66.4 58.0
170 minutes 81.8 77.2 73.9 60.5
240 minutes 29.2 56.7 52.8 45.6
300 minutes 28.8 41.9 39.4 37.0
360 minutes 28.0 34.6 33.4 32.2
400 minutes 28.1 32 31.5 30.3