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KUM RYOUNG Privacy Policy

KUM RYOUNG (hereinafter referred to as "KIM Ryong") complies with the personal information protection regulations of related laws and regulations that the information and communication service provider must comply with, such as information communication network utilization promotion and information protection law, personal information protection law, We are committed to protecting the rights and interests of our users by establishing an information processing policy.

1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

We use personal information to provide and improve services for the following purposes:

  • - Provide the function of 1: 1 contact uploading of homepage contents

2. Collection items and collection methods of personal information

The following is the collection method and collection method of personal information.

  • - Collection items: name, email, address, contact information
  • - Collecting method: collect consent and minimum information on homepage, phone, 1: 1 inquiry, e-mail etc.
  • - During the use of the service, IP address, cookie, service usage history, device information and location information may be generated and collected.

3. Retention and use period of personal information

The period of personal information retention and utilization is as follows.

  • - Information on the homepage is kept for the period of operation: The information preserved in accordance with the relevant laws is as follows
    Record of dissatisfaction or dispute processing of user is 3 years retention period, and it is in accordance with the law of consumer protection in electronic commerce etc. Record of indication and advertisement is 6 months in retention period, Web site visit records are subject to the three-month retention period and are subject to the Communication Confidentiality Act)

4. Use of personal information and third party provision

The personal information of the member shall be used within the range specified in the purpose of collecting and using personal information, the method of collecting personal information and the collection method of personal information, and shall not use it beyond the scope of this information or provide it to any other company or organization . However, if the member requires prior consent or according to the procedure and method prescribed by the relevant law, the investigation agency requires the provision of personal information, or if the transfer of personal information is inevitably required due to the sale of the business (prior notification to the member) It's possible.

5. Processing and Consignment of Personal Information

We handle personal information of the member within the notice stated in the purpose of collecting and using personal information, collecting personal information and collecting method of personal information, and do not entrust the personal information to other person or other company or organization. However, if the member agrees in advance or needs to transfer the personal information inevitably, such as sending a prize according to the event, it will be excluded separately.

6. User's rights and obligations

  • - The user may request to view, withdraw or delete the personal information at any time.
  • - The user can ask for correction of personal information of the user, and Kim does not use or provide personal information until the correction is completed, immediately after the confirmation process.
  • - The user has an obligation to protect his / her personal information. The company is not responsible for any leakage of personal information due to negligence or problems on the internet.
  • - For children under the age of 14, the legal representative has the right to withdraw the right to view or modify the child's personal information, and to withdraw his / her collection and use consent.

7. 7. Other

1. We protect the rights of users including children under the age of 14.

  • - 1. You can view and modify your personal information at any time.
  • - 2. You may request withdrawal / termination of membership at any time.
  • - 3. We guarantee the legal rights of legal representatives of children under 14 years of age. (Reading, correction, deletion of personal information of child, request to stop processing of personal information)
  • - 4. Your personal information will not be used or provided until the modification is completed in order to use and provide accurate personal information. If you have already been provided to a third party, we will inform you of the facts without any delay so that we can make corrections.

2. Cookies (cookies) are installed and operated and users can reject them.

  • - What is a cookie? : A cookie is a very small text file sent to the user's browser by the server used to run the website and stored on the user's computer
  • - Reason for using cookies: By storing the preferences of users through cookies, we provide faster web environment for users and utilize them to improve service for convenient use. This makes it easier for users to use the service. We also analyze the frequency of visits to various services, the duration of visits, the degree of participation in various events, and the number of visits to identify the user's interests and areas of interest. Based on this, we provide personalized services including advertising.
  • Only the user has the option of installing cookies. Therefore, the user can set an option in the web browser You can allow all cookies, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies. However, if you refuse to install cookies, you will not be able to use the web.
  • - Example of setting method

    1) For Internet Explorer: Click Tools menu> Internet Options> Privacy> Settings

    2) For Chrome: Settings menu on the right side of the web browser> Show advanced settings at the bottom of the screen> Content settings button for personal information> Cookies

8. Destroying and Storing Personal Information

Procedures and methods of personal information destruction and separation are as follows.

  • - Destruction procedure : After the purpose of collecting and using personal information about the service is accomplished, it will be destroyed without delay and personal information will not be used for other purposes unless it is based on internal policies and laws.
  • - How to destroy : Personal information printed on paper will be destroyed by crushing or incineration, and personal information stored in electronic file format will be deleted using a technical method that can not reproduce the record.

9. Personal information dispute settlement

If you have a dispute about personal information infringement, please contact the following organizations.

  • - Privacy Complaints Center: (Without an area code) 118 /
  • - Cyber Investigation Department, Supreme Prosecutors' Office: (Without an area code) 1301 /
  • - Cyber Crime Division, National Police Agency: (Without an area code) 182 /

10. Privacy Officer

  • name: Han Kwang Sup
  • tel : 031-416-0955
  • mail:

11. Notification obligation due to policy change

This personal information processing policy was originally enacted on September 10, 2018. In case of addition, deletion or modification of contents due to change of statute, policy or security technology, I will notify you.